Student Services Committee

Chair Requirements


  1. Any Member: Elected by committee - Two Year Term
  2. Vice President for Student Services.


Administrators (4) Faculty (7) Classified (6) Students (1)
Dean, Student Affairs Classroom Faculty Admissions Appointed by ASG, rotates on an annual basis
Dean, Student Development and Matriculation Classroom Faculty Career Center  
Instructional Administrator Non-Classroom Faculty, Counseling Financial Aid  
Vice President for Student Services Non-Classroom Faculty, DSPS Health Services  
  Non-Classroom Faculty, EOPS Instruction  
  Non-Classroom Faculty, Mental Health Outreach  
  Non-Classroom Faculty, Transfer    









Committee Goals

The purpose of this committee is to support the delivery of student-centered services focused on student success by:

  1. Providing input on the implementation of the Student Success and Support Plan
  2. Providing input on the implementation of the Student Equity Plan
  3. Providing input on the Student Services Program Review and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle processes and evaluation
  4. Providing input on commencement and special activities
  5. Providing recommendations to the Vice President for Student Services
  6. Providing recommendations to the College Executive Committee

Committee Procedures

The committee will schedule monthly meetings during the fall and spring semesters.

The committee will receive scheduled updates from each Student Services unit.

Evaluate the committee’s effectiveness, consistent with adopted guidelines.