Marketing and Outreach Committee

Chair Requirements

Co-Chairs - Any Member - Recommendation elected by committee - Two Year Term, and the Public Information Officer.

Committee Composition

Administrators (1) Classified Staff (3) Faculty (6) Students (3)
Representative Public Information Officer School of MBEPS (1) Representative 1
Outreach Coordinator School of Liberal Arts (1) Representative 2
Athletics Representative School of BTCWI (1) Representative 3
School of PRIELT, Library Faculty(1)
Student Services Rep.

Committee Goals

Ensures the effective and practical development and implementation of marketing and outreach strategies

Designs, implements and facilitates programs and projects affecting communications, outreach, and image of the college both on-campus and in the communities it serves

Assists departments and programs with the development of public relations materials

Provides input into Website Sub Committee to provide design and style parameters that best reflect College Image and Website marketing needs

Provides input to District Marketing and Outreach Committee.

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet no less than once per month at a regularly scheduled time.