Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee

Chair Requirements

Any Member - Recommendation elected by Committee - Two Year Term

Committee Composition

Administrators (1) Classified Staff (4) Faculty (4) Students (2)
Teresa Warner TBD Andy Lowe
Betty Ann Reichard Pablo Martin
Rachel Halligan Virginia Naters
Anna-Liza S. Manzo Alex Mata
Additional Faculty: Laura Gonzalez Daphne Figueroa Sheila Madrak
Sheila Madrak Evelyn Ono Vineberg CL Caffrey Liz Hubert
Janina Moretti Linda Lee Melissa Martinez

Committee Goals

Develop the support needed to make a successful move towards responsible environmental sustainability in the following areas:

  1. Make reports to all participatory governance groups on sustainability topics.
  2. Mount campus-wide campaigns for recycling, sustainability in the classroom, or other related topics of campus interest.
  3. Act as representative for campus sustainability issues to interested parties, such as District Board of Trustees, Miramar College Foundation, or other shared governance bodies.
  4. Act as a liaison between the campus faculty, staff, managers, students and Facilities department or other campus groups involved with sustainability.
  5. Participate in campus life annually with activities such as the ones proposed below:
    Host campus events to highlight or showcase sustainability issues; pursue sales of EST/campus sustainability products or hold ticketed events in order to sustain or increase funds in EST account; advocate for responsible campus environmental sustainability in all areas of campus life.

Committee Procedures

The Task Force will meet once a month or as scheduled.