Diversity/International Education Committee

Chair Requirements

Any Member - Recommendation elected by Committee - Two Year Term

Committee Composition

Administrators (1) Classified Staff (3) Faculty (6) Students (1)
Representative Representative 1 Representative 1 Representative
Representative 2 Representative 2
Representative 3 Representative 3
Representative 4
Representative 5
Representative 6


Student membership rotates on an annual basis.

Committee Goals

  1. To promote cooperative interactions between and among people of diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds with varying abilities and orientations.
  2. To promote intercultural understanding and the view that cultures are equal in value.
  3. To promote activities, approaches and programs that increase global awareness, celebrate diversity, and foster inclusiveness.
  4. To address issues related to International Education, including study abroad opportunities for students and teaching abroad opportunities for faculty.
  5. To form an events planning task force as necessary.

Committee Procedures

Committee will develop and review the campus diversity plan in consultation with campus constituent groups. Committee will contribute to and review the diversity section of the Human Resources plan in the College-Wide Master Plan. Committee will review the College Strategic Plan to make sure that it is inclusive of goals from the campus diversity plan. Committee will meet twice a month or as scheduled.