Basic Skills Subcommittee

Chair Requirements

Basic Skills Coordinator and Administration Member or Designee appointed by College President – Recommendation, faculty co-chair elected by committee--Two years


Administration representation shall include the Vice President of Instruction or the Vice President of Student Services or designee. Faculty representation shall include two Counselors (from DSPS, EOPS, and or general counseling) and the Coordinator of the PLACe. Additional faculty members will include the basic skills coordinator, two developmental math faculty (to include the Math Lab Coordinator), two developmental English/ESOL faculty (to include the English/ESOL Lab Coordinator), and one faculty at large from a Career/Technical discipline. Student membership shall include a representative from Associated Student Council.The first order of business each fall semester will be to determine and list the membership using the above criteria.









Committee Goals

  1. Goal: Focus college efforts on student learning and success of those assessing into basic skills classes
  2. Mission of Sub-Committee
    • Design and implement a research-based plan for Miramar College's basic skills students to address both academic and social integration into the college community by:
      • identification of basic skills students
      • follow up strategies
      • placement
      • instruction in the basic skills
      • support for instruction
      • support services and programs

Committee Procedures

Committee will meet once a month or as needed. Committee will recommend resources in support of Basic Skills students.