Instructional Program Review & SLOAC Subcommittee

Chair Requirements

Chair Eligibility – Co-Chairs: Any faculty member and an instructional administrator
Chair Election – Administrator: appointed by College President; Faculty Member: elected by committee
Chair Term – Two Years

Committee Composition

Administrators (2) Classified Staff (1) Faculty (6)
Jesse Lopez Eli Jed Manalastas Patricia Manley
Lou Ascione Wai-Ling Rubic
Julia McMenamin
Anne Gloag
(Vacant for Spring 2021)
(Vacant for Spring 2021)

Committee Goals

1. Facilitate instructional program review cycle and the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle.

2. Provide support and serve as resource to chairs, faculty, and administrators in completing Instructional Program Review and SLOAC processes and reports.

3. Update forms and recommend changes to processes and timelines for instructional program review and SLOAC processes, as needed to comply with accreditation standards and the college’s integrated planning process.

Committee Procedures

1.  The committee meets at least once per month during the academic year to conduct regular business.

2. The committee facilitates the process for Faculty/Administrators to complete program review and SLOAC reports per the college's annual planning cycle. 

3. The committee reports to Academic Affairs as needed.