Miramar College Committees

Committee Chair/Co-chair(s)
Academic Affairs Committee Paulette Hopkins Mary Kjartanson
Academic Senate Marie McMahon
Academic Standards Subcommittee Mara Palma-Sanft
Administrative Services Program Review Committee Brett Bell
Basic Skills Subcommittee Paulette Hopkins Becky Stephens
Budget & Resource Development Subcommittee Brett Bell Gene Choe
Chairs Committee Mary Kjartanson
Classified Staff Senate Terrie Hubbard
College Executive Committee Patricia Hsieh Marie McMahon
College Governance Committee Laura Murphy
Commencement Workgroup Cheryl Barnard
Curriculum Committee Duane Short
Curriculum Technical Review Subcommittee Duane Short
Distance Education Subcommittee Daniel Miramontez
Diversity/International Education Committee Adrian Arancibia
Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee Laura Gonzalez
Facilities Committee Brett Bell Allen Andersen
Faculty (Contract) Hiring Committee Paulette Hopkins Mary Kjartanson
Faculty Equivalencies Review Task Force
Honors Subcommittee
Instructional Program Review & SLOAC Subcommittee Paulette Hopkins Julia McMenamin
Marketing and Outreach Committee Steve Quis
Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee Daniel Miramontez Naomi Grisham
Professional Advancement Committee Roger Olson
Professional Development Committee Max Moore Cheryl Barnard
Research Subcommittee Xi Zhang
Review of Services Committee Brett Bell
Safety Committee Brett Bell
Student Services Committee Gerald Ramsey Naomi Grisham
Student Services Program Review/SLOAC Subcommittee Gerald Ramsey MaryAnn Guevarra
Technology Committee Daniel Miramontez Kurt Hill
Website Subcommittee Kurt Hill