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CARE Program

CARE (Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education) is a program offered through EOPS for single parents who are receiving CalWORKs and who meet other eligibility criteria. The primary goal of the program is to provide single parents additional support to help them attain economic self-sufficiency by earning a two year degree, a certificate of achievement or to transfer to a four year college.


To qualify for CARE services, students must be:

  1. An EOPS student who is also a member of a household receiving CalWORKs Cash Aid
  2. 18 years of age or older
  3. Single and Head of the household
  4. A parent of at least one child under 18 years of age


  • Monthly gas cards
  • Additional grant money for childcare
  • Bookstore voucher for books & supplies
  • CARE specific workshops 2 times per year
  • Assistance in meeting TANF/CalWORKs requirements (if appropriate)
  • Weekly Parent Support Group meetings


To participate in CARE, you must complete the following requirements each semester. The purpose of these requirements is to help you succeed at Miramar College.

To participate in CARE you must complete an orientation session each semester. This should be completed before the beginning of the semester so that you can receive services, such as parking permits and book vouchers, in time. During the orientation you will go over the requirements of the program, select a project, and sign the Mutual Responsibility Contract. You may also update your education plan and your Long Range Plan.
Progress reports:
All students need to complete ONE Progress Report each semester. Progress reports provide a structured method to identify what is working for you, what isn't, and how you can do better in each class. Talk to each of your teachers. Use your conferences to find out how you are doing and what you can do to improve. Make sure you address all the questions on the Progress Report and write the teachers' responses on it. Your teacher does not need to sign or fill out these forms. See how you can use their answers to help you do better in each class.
The childcare grant and monthly gas cards are contingent upon submitting requirements by the established due dates.
Academic Success Center (ASC) visit:
All new CARE students must complete a tour of our tutoring center, the Academic Success Center (ASC), in L-101. Get familiar with this important campus resource. Ask the ASC staff for a tour and the staff will show you what services are available to you & sign the back of your progress report.
All students must complete one project each semester. Each project is designed to expand your knowledge and/or experience. Projects may focus on career decision making, campus resources, scholarships, etc.
Meet with an EOPS/CARE counselor three times each semester by appointment:
Use these appointments to complete and/or update your educational plan, complete a long range plan, or to address any other concerns you may have. Make your first appointment during the first month of the semester. The second appointment should be scheduled for the middle of the semester and the third near the end of the semester.
Establish and maintain an E-mail account:
Within the first two weeks of your orientation, you will be required to establish an email account. Let us know when you have completed this by writing to our office at If you do not already have an e-mail account, you can visit the ILC (Independent Learning Center) in room L-104. The ILC will help you create one for free. There is no need to have a computer or Internet access at home. You will be able to check your e-mail at school. However, it will be your responsibility to check your e-mail regularly.
Google and Yahoo provide free e-mail accounts.