2021 Accreditation Mid-term Report – Draft 2

Submitted by btsmith on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 9:29 am

Hello Miramar Community,

During spring 2020, the College started to engage in writing the 2021 Accreditation Mid-term Report. Please see the link to Draft 2 of San Diego Miramar College 's Accreditation Mid-term Report. When you open the draft self-progress report, you will find five areas of the report (i.e., Plans Arising from the Self-Evaluation Process, Reflection on Improving Institutional Performance: Student Learning Outcomes and Institution Set Standards, Responses to the Improvement Recommendations, Report on the Quality Focus Essay Projects, and Fiscal Reporting)

This midterm report is a status update that is fundamentally aimed at ensuring that what we do, every day, directly supports our mission, student learning and achievement. To do this accurately and meaningfully, we need your help. As you review this draft, we encourage you to examine the language from the External Evaluation Report to ensure that the narrative response is complete and accurate. In reviewing this first draft, please look for the following:

  1. Content accuracy
  2. Missing information
  3. Evidence to support the narrative

To help us gather your feedback, please fill out the fields below. The deadline to submit feedback to the Steering Committee for Draft 2 is Friday, 5/29. The draft 2021 Accreditation Mid-term Report is available in the Important Documents section (right-side column) of this page.

We hope that you all will take the time to participate in this very important process for the college. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Daniel Miramontez and Mara Sanft
Accreditation Steering Committee