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Program Description

Physical Education is a discipline focusing on the relationship between physical activity and physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Physical activity courses teach movement skills, enhance fitness, and engender a lifestyle consistent with optimal wellness.

Most Physical Education career options require baccalaureate degrees and some may require graduate degrees. Some of the exciting fields open to physical educators include: athletic trainer, fitness specialist, physical therapist, health/fitness club manager, physical education instructor, coach, athletic administrator, recreation director, resort activities director, and sports journalist.

Program Goals and/or Outcomes

The Department of Physical Education offers an everincreasing variety of activity courses. Boasting facilities that include a 32-acre complex of fields for softball, soccer, sand volleyball, and tennis, the Department also offers classes in a state of the art three pool aquatic complex. The recent curricular addition of lower division theory courses now allows students to pursue the Transfer Studies degree in Physical Education.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program the students will able to:

  • Explain the five domains of health and how they impact quality of life
  • Design, develop and implement an effective personalized fitness program


Course Number Course Name
HEAL 044Supervised Tutoring in Health Education
HEAL 101Health and Life-Style
HEAL 131Emergency Response (First Aid/CPR/AED)
HEAL 190Health Education For Teachers
HEAL 290Independent Study

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