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Frequently Asked Questions About The PLACe

How do I make an appointment?

All appointments are made by phone Please do NOT e-mail for an appointment.

Can I bring my kids if I have a session/appointment?

We cannot have children in The PLACe. It's district policy. Student can ask the tutor if the session could be outside The PLACe, on the patio or in the cafeteria.

Can I print in the computer lab?

No. However, the library or the Independent Learning Center is available for printing.

Can I take phone calls in the PLACe?

No. Please take all calls outside. Phone rings and talk will interfere with studying activity at the PLACe.

Can I make photocopies?

No. However, the library or the Independent Learning Center has photocopying services. The photocopy machine is for The PLACe personnel only.

Can I bring in food or drinks?

Yes, just be careful!

Why can't I get an appointment when I need one?

Since we take appointments up to seven days in advance, the time you requested might already be taken.

Do I need to call ahead to book an appointment or to cancel it?

Yes, that would facilitate the appointment process. You can book an appointment up to one week in advance.

How far ahead do I need to make an appointment? How far in advance can I make an appointment?

Up to seven days, a week in advance

Where do you find your tutors?

Most of our tutors are students; some of them refer their friends to The PLACe. Volunteer tutors and college graduates also do tutoring.

Can a group of us make an appointment together?

Yes. Just let the front desk personnel know.

Why do I need to log in?

We get paid by keeping track of our students, and the only way to track student attendance is to have them log in and out. Also, if you spend more than one hour in The PLACe and do not log out, the computer automatically gives you just one hour.

Do I always need to log in/out?

If you are working here because it's an assignment and your professor wants a report of your hours, you might be short of hours if you don't log out.

Can I get a printout of my hours?

Ask the front desk personnel since they can tell you your total hours. We don't give students individual copies of their hours since faculty want a full class report sent to them during the semester.

Do we have to pay for tutoring sessions?

No, the tutoring sessions are free for Miramar Community College students.

What if I'm taking a class at City or Mesa? Can I get tutoring at Miramar?

In order to make an appointment for a tutor, you must be taking the class at Miramar. However, if you can come by The PLACe and if a tutor does not have a tutoring appointment when you are there, you can have the open appointment.

How much tutoring can I get?

Two hours for each subject each week and a maximum of 1 hour a day.

Why a maximum of two hours per week for each subject?

This is to ensure that all of our students have equal opportunities for tutoring.

What subjects are available for tutoring?

English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, History, Economics, Humanities, JAVA, Health, Physics, Political Science, Accounting, and ESOL provided if the tutor is available.

Can I get the same tutor for the whole semester?

Yes you can, provided that he or she is available. If you book appointments a week in advance, your chances are better.

Can I get tutoring on Saturdays?

Yes, you can. We're open for tutoring from 9 A.M. to 12 Noon.

Are you open all year?

We are open as long as regular-term school is in session including intercession and summer.

What should I do if I know I'm not going to make it to an appointment?

Call us (619) 388-7852 as soon as you know you are not gong to be able to make your appointment to cancel your appointment. If you have more than two "no show" appointments without calling, you could lose the right to get tutoring at The PLACe.

What are some of the other things I can do in The PLACe besides getting a tutor?

You can do self-study, your homework, or use the computers, the tape players, the televisions and the biology & chemistry models.

What is the new Open Writing Lab all about?

It is an easy way to get started and complete written projects with writing help close by. The lab hours are TBA. You don't have to make an appointment and can stay the full time if you would like. Tutors will help you with something and then it's your turn to try it out. Also, you can print your papers out when you're using the Open Writing Lab.

Are you open the week before finals?

Yes, we are. However, this varies from semester to semester. It would be good to check back every semester.

Do you do anything special to help students with their finals?

We have "Study Central." It's the week before finals and we have special finals review workshops and study groups and free handouts for different subjects, We also cookies and coffee for students every afternoon..

What if I just want to sit and study in The PLACe?

You are more than welcome to do that.

What if I want to have a study session with some people in my class? Can The PLACe help me?

Yes, you can do that. The PLACe will help you.

Do I have to make an appointment to use the computers, listen to cassettes, or watch an assigned video?

No you don't; all you have to do is to walk in.

Can I check my email on the lab computers?

All lab computers are for classroom assignments and research only. If you are using your email for those purposes, you can.

What if I see someone viewing something on the computers that is offensive?

Please alert the front desk personnel and staff immediately.

What if someone in The PLACe is talking too loudly and it's affecting my concentration?

Alert the front desk personnel to it, and he or she will handle it.

Can I use the white boards to work out problems or put down my ideas?

Yes you can.

I notice you have Math and English faculty working in The PLACe. What do they do? Can I talk to them?

Yes. Students are welcome to talk with our wonderful English and math faculty advisors. They're here to hire, train, and advise the tutors.

What should I do if I've logged in and no one comes to tutor me?

You should tell the person at the front desk so they can help you.

How do I know who is a tutor and who is a student?

Tutors wear name tags.

What if I forget my textbook, need a pencil, or need to staple some papers?

You can borrow what you need from the PLACe. You cannot take our textbooks, computer software or cassettes home since we have only a few copies.

I would like to be a tutor. How do I apply?

Apply at the beginning of the each semester. All you need to do is fill out an application and take a test to see what level you can tutor. Or you may also apply online.

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