Associate in Science: Paralegal

Paralegal Curriculum Requirement

(Total 60 Units)

The Associates in Science degree in paralegal studies is designed to prepare students for positions as paralegals in the legal and business fields. Individuals who are already employed in the legal field and seeking advancement opportunities may also select this program of study.

The paralegal degree program is an intensive program of study. Extensive writing, research, and critical thinking skills are required in all of the law courses in this degree program. ENG 101 and Legal 100a/b are foundation courses in the program. It is recommended that ENG 101 be completed with a grade of "C" or better prior to enrolling in LEGL 100a/b. Completion of or con-current enrollment in Legal 100a/b is required prior to enrolling in other legal courses. Non-majors who are currently employed in the legal field and want to enroll in a course for professional development should contact the paralegal program director for assistance.

Start Fall Semester Start Spring Semester
First Year
Fall Spring
LEGL 100A/B 3 LEGL 100A/B 3
LEGL 120 3 LEGL 105 3
ENGL 101 3 Arts/Humanities 3
Spring Summer
LEGL 115 3 LEGL 110 3
LEGL 105 3 Amer. Institutions 3
MATH 096 5  
Phys Ed ½  
Summer Fall
LEGL 110 3 LEGL 120 3
LEGL Elective 3 LEGL 180 3
  Amer. Institutions 3
Phys Ed ½ Natural Science 3
  Phys Ed ½
Second Year
Fall Spring
LEGL 180 3 LEGL 115 3
LEGL Elective 3 LEGL Elective 3
Health 101 3 Soc/Behav Sciences 3
Spring Summer
LEGL Elective 3 LEGL Elective 3
Soc/Behav Sciences 3 Health 101 3

Total Units 60 Total Units 60

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