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MLTT Program Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is there a 4-year MLT training program available?

Most 4-year universities do not have an MLT program.

How long does the MLTT Program take and when can I start?

It depends on the status of your general education. You need to complete all the prerequisites before you can take MLT classes. One you start the MLTT classes, it should take approximately two years to complete them all.

Is the program accredited?

Yes. The program is accredited through Laboratory Field Services a departement of the California Department of Public Health. We are currently seeking national accreditation through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Siences (NAACLS).


Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid


What MLTT classes are in the program?

There are three lecture/lab classes (didactic training) and four directed clinical practice (practicum) classes. The didactic classes are at Miramar College. These are currently offered in the daytime. The practical classes are offsite at a clinical affliate in Poway. These are primarily graveyard shift experiences. (9pm–5:30am)

MLTT2014Clinical Chemistry and UrinalysisBiol 107 or 131; AND Biol 230 AND 235; AND Chemistry 130 AND 130L
MLTT2024Clinical Hematology and ImmunologyBiol 107 or 131; AND Biol 230 AND 235; AND Chemistry 130 AND 130L
MLTT2034Clinical MicrobiologyBiol 107 or 131; AND Biol 230 AND 235; AND Chemistry 100 and 100L, or Chemistry 152 and 152L
MLTT512Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical ChemistryMLTT201, MLTT202, and MLTT203
MLTT522Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Hematology, Urinalysis and CoagulationMLTT201, MLTT202, and MLTT203
MLTT532Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical Immunology and ImmunohematologyMLTT201, MLTT202, and MLTT203
MLTT542Directed Clinical Practice in Clinical MicrobiologyMLTT201, MLTT202, and MLTT203
Note: The Fall 2012 MLTT 203 is restricted to a special population funded under the Dept. of Labor. This program is filled and now closed.
The practical experience classes MLTT51-54 have limited space and enrollment is by add code only from the Instructor/Program Director. You must finish your phlebotomy training and all MLTT lecture/lab classes before you can take the practicum classes.


Getting Into the Program





State MLT Licensing Exam


Work Opportunities