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Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success at San Diego Miramar College

The goal of the Basic Skills Initiative is to ensure that basic skills development is a major focus and an adequately funded activity of Miramar College. Many Community College students need pre-collegiate Math and/or English skill development; hence, Miramar College is participating in a project with all of the California Community Colleges that will enable sharing of ideas, projects and techniques to help all students achieve their academic goals.

Basic Skills Initiative Mission Statement

The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to ensure that Basic Skills Students have access to programs, services and classes that will help them achieve their academic goals.

Five Year Goals for the Basic Skill Initiative are:

  • Continue to refine a basic skills program at San Diego Miramar College based on extant research and data and work towards a commitment of institutionalization of successful practices.
  • Monitor and implement successful student support techniques for early intervention & sustained attention for students.
  • Provide educational opportunities for faculty, staff, and students on successful techniques to help students achieve their goals.
  • Augment and develop instructional services, course links, and tutorial services that focus on helping students be more successful with their goals.

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