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ITTC Events

Who Should Attend?

ITTC events are designed for front-line professionals, trainees, leaders and managers working in high-risk fields as well as consultants, trainers, researchers and academics interested in exploring both the challenges of work in high stress occupations and an alternative training model incorporating experiential learning modules. The more diverse the group the more interesting the dynamics as one of the major challenges in collaboration is working across professional and organizational boundaries. ITTC experiential learning events focus on the exploration of these dynamics as an opportunity to learn more about operations of high-risk teams.

What will it do for me?

  • Challenge your understanding of the job skills required by today’s high-risk technical fields.
  • Expose you to the Team Resource Management (TRM) model.
  • Provide an interactive experience with TRM model through experiential learning activities.
  • Push you to think collectively about the special skills required to work effectively in teams.
  • Challenge you to analyze both individual and group dynamics from a systems-centered approach.
  • Introduce you to ways to surface conflicts and resolve differences rather than ignoring or scape-goating them.
  • Offer ways to take up functional roles as the context, tasks, and goals change.
  • Help you conceptualize wider application of group relations theories and methods.
  • Introduce ways to apply systems psychodynamics to real world challenges.

Past Particpants

In addition to college students enrolling in ITTC programs for college credit, participants in ITTC programs have come from a variety of high-risk fields such as aviation, law enforcement, fire fighting, maritime, medicine, military, wild animal training, and engineering and organizations such US Marine Corps, US Navy, Northrop-Grumman, Naval Air Depot Maintenance, San Diego Fire and Rescue, Sea World, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the Dutch Police. ITTC plans to continue expanding these partnerships and to increase representation from international organizations through specifically developed pay-for-training programs as well.

Schedule of Events

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