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AVIM Program: Courses Required

Course Number Course Name
AVIM 044Supervised Tutoring in Aviation Maintenance Technology
AVIM 052Survey of Aviation Industry
AVIM 101GGeneral Aviation Technology Theory I
AVIM 101HGeneral Aviation Technology Theory II
AVIM 102GGeneral Aviation Maintenance Technology Practices I
AVIM 102HGeneral Aviation Maintenance Technology Practices II
AVIM 103AAircraft Wood, Fabric, Finishing and Composite Structures
AVIM 103BAircraft Welding and Sheetmetal Structures
AVIM 103CAircraft Hydraulic Systems
AVIM 103DAircraft Landing Gear Systems
AVIM 104AApplied Aircraft Wood, Fabric, Finishing and Composite Structures
AVIM 104BApplied Aircraft Welding and Sheetmetal Structures
AVIM 104CApplied Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
AVIM 104DApplied Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
AVIM 105AAircraft Cabin Atmosphere Control
AVIM 105BAircraft Assembly, Rigging and Inspection
AVIM 106AAircraft Cabin Atmosphere Control
AVIM 106BApplied Aircraft Assembly, Rigging and Inspection
AVIM 107BTurbine Engines
AVIM 108BApplied Turbine Engines
AVIM 109AAirframe Electrical Systems
AVIM 109BPowerplant Ignition Systems
AVIM 109CPowerplant Electrical Systems
AVIM 109DAircraft Fire Protection and Digital Logic
AVIM 110AApplied Airframe Electrical Systems
AVIM 110BApplied Powerplant Ignition Systems
AVIM 110CApplied Powerplant Electrical Systems
AVIM 111CReciprocating Engines I
AVIM 111DReciprocating Engines II
AVIM 112CApplied Reciprocating Engines I
AVIM 112DApplied Reciprocating Engines II
AVIM 120Basic D.C. Electronics Theory
AVIM 121AApplied Basic D.C. Electronics
AVIM 203Advanced Composites
AVIM 204Advanced Composites Laboratory
AVIM 205Advanced Aircraft Metal Forming and Welding
AVIM 206Advanced Sheetmetal Forming and Welding Laboratory
AVIM 241Aircraft Propeller Systems
AVIM 242Applied Aircraft Propeller Systems
AVIM 249Induction and Fuel Metering
AVIM 250Applied Induction and Fuel Metering
AVIM 253Lubrication, Cooling, and Exhaust
AVIM 254Applied Lubrication, Cooling, and Exhaust
AVIM 270Work Experience
AVIM 290Independent Study

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