Honda PACT

The PACT Associate Degree Program

The PACT degree program is a career-building program that provides a balance of automotive, academic, and technical skills that students will use throughout their career in the automotive industry. The PACT Program includes the following areas in working toward an associate degree:

  • Reading comprehension
  • General academic courses that earn credits towards your degree
  • Foundation courses in automotive technology
  • Honda and Acura specific product training
  • Advanced courses in high tech systems
  • Training in safe and positive work habits
  • Development of interpersonal communication skills

The PACT Certificate Program

The PACT Certificate program is designed to put students on the path to becoming a qualified professional automotive technician. In addition to earning college credit towards a degree, this program awards students a certificate from American Honda in automotive technology that enhances their credentials when applying for a job as a technician at any dealer. The certificate program can help jumpstart the career of a high school student or other students looking to start new in the automotive industry.

Click here to view the San Diego Miramar College Catalog with more detailed information our Automotive Technology Program.

The Automotive Technology Program At Miramar College
Honda PACT
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