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San Diego Miramar College has two primary programs under the Automotive Technology umbrella: General Automotive and Honda PACT/Toyota T-Ten. Industry leaders, including Honda and Toyota, look to the Automotive Technology Program at Miramar College for new employees, as well as to support current employee skill development.

Students interested in Automotive Technology at San Diego Miramar College must determine which program is best for them based upon their individual career goals. Career Counselors are available at to help guide you and make the most out of your education.

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General Automotive Technology Program

Miramar's General Automotive Program provides overall technical automotive skills development and provides opportunities for advancement in career development in the automotive industry through training of technicians in non-franchise and independent employment opportunities.

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Honda PACT

San Diego Miramar College's ATTE Program is proud to partner with Honda's Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) Program, which is designed to give a student the education and automobile experience they need to build their career in the automotive industry.  Certificate and Associate Degree Programs are available.

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Toyota T-Ten

T-TEN is a world-renowned technical training program with a proven record of placing thousands of Toyota and Lexus certified technicians in well-paid dealership positions. Toyota created T-TEN to help aspiring technicians get the training they need to quickly fill those positions and begin interesting and rewarding careers.

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The Automotive Technology Program At Miramar College
Honda PACT
Toyota T-Ten

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